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Spreading Joy & Building Community

Sed The Saint is a multi-genre international DJ who hails from the endearing city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With over a decade on the industry scene, she comes from a long familial line of jazz musicians--three generations of music lovers, makers, and performers who have traveled the world.

Sed specializes in every genre under the Soundcloud sun. Whether it’s hip hop, pop, afrobeats, Latin, house, EDM or oldies, she mixes music like a spicy gumbo. Her career started in college at her alma mater with a fashion show being her first unofficial official gig. Taking her love of sharing music with others and creating mix CDs, she co-founded DJ group Blended Vibe and regularly rocked the house parties, skating rinks, and college events.

Sed’s talent continued to catch attention of others who’ve invited her to spin at notable functions, to name a few: Wine and Rhymes at City Winery Atlanta, Truth on the Rocks at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Essence Music Festival, March for Our Lives Atlanta, Human Rights Campaign events, and the annual summer art show ARTiculate ATL.

But Sed's talents extend far beyond the booth. Recognizing the struggles of fellow DJs, she founded StageWing™, a platform fostering community and resource sharing within the pro audio world. This entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her infectious energy and genre-bending playlists, has propelled Sed onto international stages, from private events and music festivals to the side of acclaimed affirmation music artist Toni Jones. Sed The Saint, with her soulful touch and unwavering commitment to her craft, is more than just a DJ; she's a curator of experiences, a champion of community, and a testament to the power of music to bring people together.




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